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Standing for Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP is a way to make cost-effective phone calls all over the world, using an internet or data connection. You can initiate the call via an IP phone, PC, or APP. Losing the constraints of a traditional telephone system enables you to connect anywhere you have an internet connection.

But, what’s the point of it?

So VoIP has been named the most successful technology of the last decade, that’s pretty impressive by itself. It’s an alternative way of making phone calls, that doesn’t always require an actual phone, and can be more cost-effective. You can communicate without needing an actual telephone set.
Some businesses have seen their international calls communication cost cut by 90% thanks to VoIP, so really, why aren’t you using it? The growth of VoIP today can be compared to that of the internet in the 90’s.

What makes it better than a traditional phone?

There are lots of advantages to using VoIP over the traditional phone system. For individuals, it’s fun communicating via computers and mobiles, think Whatsapp calling. The most common reason to switch to VoIP though is for business. Communication costs can be high for many businesses, it’s not just saving money though, it’s using your money to its full potential. VoIP can add more features and better interaction between employees and customers, a more efficient and better quality system. Flexibility, resilience and cost reduction. 
We all remember Skype; whether you used it for business, keeping in touch with long-distance relatives, or because you couldn’t bear to be away from your friends for more than 10 minutes after school, we all used it once. Skype was one of the pioneering services that made VoIP so popular. Skype gave us the ability to send instant messages, as well as voice and video calls worldwide, for free. That was the big thing for consumers, it came without any kind of price tag.
There are many different ways you can utilise VoIP; you could use it sitting on a beach in Bali if you had an internet connection, and you know, if you wanted to. It can also be used at home, work or during travel, it all depends where and how you’ll be making your calls.