By: Next Communications April 22, 2016 In: Android, HTC, Mobile Handsets, Next News, Uncategorized

The HTC 10 has arrived. HTC did really well with their One and One M8 products, but fell down with their M9. There was nothing different about it and failed to compete with Samsung and Apple. Now, HTC have announced the HTC 10. Will this be the device to put HTC back on the playing field?HTC 10

The HTC 10 will feature a 12MP UltraPixel camera that can shoot video in 12-bit RAW, 4K 2160p videos and Hi-Res audio. The rear and front-facing 5MP cameras also have optical image stabilization.

BoomSound has evolved for the HTC 10 into HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi. The front-facing speakers are gone, having been replaced with two speakers: one on the front for the ear and one on the base. Each have their own amplifier, with the top speaker acting as the tweeter for the higher range, and the base speaker acting as the woofer for the lower range. The headphone amp is more powerful than what is usually found in phones, giving more power to drive higher-end headphones.

The HTC 10 will launch with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and will come with 32GB storage. It will be available in three colour options: carbon grey, silver or gold.