By: Harry Ford May 30, 2017 In: Industry News, Nokia

The Nokia 3310 first appeared in shops in September 2000 offering calls, texts and a battery that lasted days.

The phone is back 17 years later offering the same features but goes on sale in a very different world.

Back then Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had just got married and everyone was downloading questionable MP3s from Napster.

This may be seen as a novelty device to some people, and that’s OK. Or you may simply want to pick this up as a handset to last a week or so while you’re away at a festival, so you don’t put your Samsung Galaxy S8 at risk.

Indeed, for most people, this will be a fun and affordable device to use alongside their main smartphone. If you’re in need of extended battery life you can just switch your SIM over to this phone and use it while you’re partying at a festival.

But it may also appeal as someone’s main phone if all you really want is the phone part.

If you’re looking for a feature phone and have fond memories of the original 3310 then you may be drawn to the reboot – and you’ll likely be happy.

The new Nokia 3310 has the fun nostalgia element, a good design and some much improved features that all combine to form a solid, dependable handset.