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Drum role please Dun dun dun dun dun dun…. February’s Business Of The Month winners are our friends from Hargroves Cycles! Hargroves You’ll find all your cycling needs catered for at Hargroves Cycles, where you can grab yourself a mountain bike, road bike, electric bike, or hybrid bike. In...

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Standing for Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP is a way to make cost-effective phone calls all over the world, using an internet or data connection. You can initiate the call via an IP phone, PC, or APP. Losing the constraints of a traditional telephone system enables you to connect anywhere you...

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The well-known gaming phone, Razer, is getting even more upgrades. Already known for its 5.7 inches 1140 x 2560 screen, power, potential and incredible speakers, will see further updates. The made for gamers, by gamers device is already a media machine that’s now set to be getting an update...

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Before we could even begin this best mobile list we were greeted with the age old iPhone Android debate.. I, an android user; and massive lover of my own phone, had a very difficult time ranking these devices. IPhone’s in the same list as the likes of Pixel 2...

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Drum role please! Dun dun dun and the winners are… Jubilee Sailing Trust! We’re kicking off Business Of The Month with a very worthy winner, Jubilee Sailing Trust, otherwise known as JST. The JST have had a very exciting 40 years, from the amazing sailing trips, to the recent...

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We all remember when Nokia were the biggest smartphone maker around, the nostalgia you feel recalling your first phone, playing snake and pressing 5 three times to get an l. We have come so far since then. Nostalgia aside, after a 3 year sabbatical, they’re back. They came back...

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We’ve all been there. Looking at the broadband bill thinking “Are you joking, that’s well overpriced” But it turns out broadband in the UK is much cheaper and faster than most consumers believe, according to a new study. Research by Alphr.com, and BDRC Continental’s study, found that broadband in the...

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We introduced our marketing team to IPCortex and the ease of their solutions! What are we looking at today? IPCortex Hosted Suite is the secure, workflow-friendly solution for conversations that matter. It provides full baseline business PBX functionality in a convenient hosted package and also builds in new features to...

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Nokia has released its first smartphone manufactured by HMD Global. It is the first smartphone to carry the Nokia name since Microsoft bought the Lumia business. Introducing the Nokia 6… The Nokia 6 is a midrange Android device with a 5.5-inch full HD display, a Snapdragon 430 processor, 4GB...

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Nokia branded mobile phones are back on sale. The range is limited to basic models, but that should change when Android-powered smartphones and tablets are added soon. The phone manufacturer started to struggle when the iPhone was launched in 2007. Since then, the phone business has been sold to...

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