By: Harry Ford February 20, 2018 In: Industry News, Uncategorized

Is IoT really everywhere? I set out to find answers. In short, the answer is yes. It is. Smartphones Coming up to 2018, I don’t know many people without a smartphone. In fact, I don’t know anyone. We all know they are getting more and more intelligent with each new...

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By: Harry Ford January 09, 2018 In: Industry News, Uncategorized

While 5G is just around the corner, promising to be the largest step forward for mobile network tech yet, offering faster speeds than 4G, as well as other benefits; it bears the question, what exactly is 5G and what benefits will it bring? What does 5G mean? All smartphone...

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By: Harry Ford November 24, 2017 In: Industry News, Next News, O2, Uncategorized, Vodafone
By: Harry Ford November 21, 2017 In: EE, Industry News

The arrival of 5G in the UK took a step closer following the successful conclusion of a networking trial. This means EE 5G could be here in no time. EE 5G Working alongside networking vendor Huawei, mobile operator EE delivered consistent 2.8Gbps download speeds in its UK test lab....

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By: Harry Ford November 14, 2017 In: Industry News, Samsung, Uncategorized

What is MVR? It stands for Mobile voice recording, but what is it?  Samsung SDS MVR is a new way to record as well as audit communications from mobile devices. It’s MiFID II – ready, supporting MiFID II storage requirements, recording requirements and monitoring requirements. Samsung SDS Mobile Voice...

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By: Harry Ford November 07, 2017 In: Apple, Industry News, Mobile Handsets, Uncategorized

Fast Charging for your Apple phone While Apple did reveal this during the keynote, it was on a slide with several different features listed all at once, and never got a mention from one of the execs. The iPhone X (and the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus) will be the first...

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By: Harry Ford October 31, 2017 In: Industry News, Mobile Handsets, Uncategorized

Gone are the times when smartphone meant being able to just check your emails on the go. Smartphones have evolved to allow us to do so many other things when connected with other devices. Nowadays we have the luxury of only really needing to carry a smartphone, they’ve eliminated...

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By: Harry Ford October 24, 2017 In: Industry News

IPCortex CRM Connect sets users for real advantage; The software makes it easy for users to enhance customer interactions, pre as well as post sale. Generating efficiencies through speed of action, and applying more intelligence to every interaction by putting communication within the context of key customer systems makes...

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By: Harry Ford October 10, 2017 In: Android, Industry News

Huawei will invest £738m ($1billion) in solutions over the next three years that will fast track telecoms operator upgrades. While speaking at the manufacturers annual operations transformation forum, Executive director of the board and president of carrier business group director Ryan Ding said; “the money will be used to...

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By: Harry Ford May 30, 2017 In: Industry News, Nokia

The Nokia 3310 first appeared in shops in September 2000 offering calls, texts and a battery that lasted days. The phone is back 17 years later offering the same features but goes on sale in a very different world. Back then Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had just got...

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