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Drum role please! Dun dun dun and the winners are…

Jubilee Sailing Trust!

We’re kicking off Business Of The Month with a very worthy winner, Jubilee Sailing Trust, otherwise known as JST.

The JST have had a very exciting 40 years, from the amazing sailing trips, to the recent mount Kilimanjaro climb, and all that lies in between.

What’s coming up with the JST?

The JST have some very exciting months ahead of them, including a ski trip in March, although they won’t be changing their name to The Jubilee Skiing Trust so not to worry! The trip comes following a team up with The Ski Company, who together with The JST have created a package that includes accommodation, ski passes, lessons and ski equipment. This incredible journey is open to all, and everyone is welcome along.The JST ethos remains the same, it’s just being applied to snow instead of sea for this adventure! The prices are as follows;

Skiers with a disability: Prices from £570 for adults 16+, £545 for children

Buddies: Just £395 (must be aged 20+)

Friends, Family & Supporters: Prices from £570 for adults 25+, £550 for ages 16-25, £510 for children.

As well as this amazing new venture, The JST are also turning 40 this year! To celebrate this milestone there’s a lot planned, including bringing both tall ships together for a Battle of the Barques. It’s rare the two ships are in the same place. BOTH Lord Nelson and Tenacious will be taking part in Battle of the Barques. The two tall ships are usually at opposite ends of the country, making this a truly remarkable event, as well a huge celebration.

Lord Nelson has come out on top in previous years, but since then Tenacious has been all around the world; training for this big event. If you wish to take part in this incredible event; team Tenacious are looking for crew members to help them to victory. This will be a 7 day voyage from Southampton, starting on September 29th, packed full of competitions and challenges, with both ships sailing together. You can find more info here.

There is also an upcoming voyage to South Africa, Barbuda and Antigua. (I want to go?) Sailing in April, this looks set to be the adventure of a lifetime.

We can’t wait to see what else the JST get up to this year!