Mobile Working

The advent of 4G connectivity, with EE launching their service in November 2012, has seen mobile data speeds leap into the realms of 20Mb (faster than many people get on their desktops) with higher speeds being introduced all the time.

Both Vodafone and O2 launched their 4G services in August 2013 so, as the networks roll out the coverage, these increases in speed are going to become available to most mobile users – as long as they have a device that supports 4G.

This increase in speed is great news, as it means that real time mobile access to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Cloud Computing Servers such as Microsoft 365, will become commonplace. The data will be processed at speeds approaching those experienced by desk bound users today.

In the short term It’s likely that the network’s capabilities will be ahead of the user’s needs, but as new solutions become available this will change and the pace and importance of mobile working will increase.

To make sure you keep ahead of the crowd talk to us about mobile working.

Mobile Security

We can offer a Mobile Device Management (MDM) package that ensures your business has appropriate control of your mobile fleet. MDM improves mobile worker productivity and makes their device more secure.

Next Communications has partnered with SOTI to bring you the ultimate MDM technology. SOTI’s MobiControl service can keep track of your valuable company assets, making it easy to enrol, configure, provision, track and remote lock/wipe all of your mobile devices through a single, easy-to-use interface. SOTI can provide complete remote control of smartphones and tablets, and even allow for the use of employees’ own devices (BYOD). SOTI can help protect the integrity of your corporate IT environment by using industry leading encryption technology to ensure that data on the device remains as private and secure on the road as it would be on a workstation in the office.

Features include:

  • Device location tracking
  • Remote “wipe” in the event of a lost device
  • “Whitelist” and “blacklist” websites and apps
  • Data usage management
  • Call cost management by blacklisting premium numbers
  • File sharing capabilities – “push” and synchronise documents
  • Efficient deployment of new software and apps to all devices

Business Apps

Android and Apple now publish in excess of 700,000 Apps each, on their respective on-line stores. While many of these are based on personal or gaming needs there are an increasing number that have real relevance to Business Users.

There are Apps to improve productivity by speeding up typing – a great example is Swiftkey which is perhaps the best predictive typing App we’ve seen to date. It learns as you type and enables the user to enter entire sentences without any actual typing.

Apps are availble to enable users to easily record expenses, or mileage, or to enable access to proprietary software such as Goldmine or Sales Force.

Windows 8 and Blackberry 10 are also adding thousands of these mini programmes to their Software Eco Systems, so almost everything you could want to do is probably available in the mobile environment. All that is needed is a quick search using the mobile device and the capability is added.

If it’s not available we can introduce you to one of our Partners to develop the App you need.

Paperless Transactions

Paper has formed the basis for business transactions for thousands of years and has come to completely dominate business processes. There have been many false dawns announcing the end of paper and the “paperless office” revolution but until very recently the use of paper has increased year on year as printers and documents proliferated.

Finally this is changing and the use of paper is at last falling dramatically. Modern technology is finally allowing us to commiunicate electronically via email and to move documents around the world as electronic files.

However, most businesses are still dominated by paper processes because the field based personnel are forced to record everything on traditional business forms.

We have a range of paperless transaction services designed to collect field based data electonrically and connect it directly to back office systems. This allows a Business to re-engineer its processes, save huge amounts of money, reduce their CO2 footprint and improve cashflow by getting invoices out as soon as work is completed.

We can start this process for you without commitment to a huge investment.

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