Mobile Business Solutions

Providing you with the best in business mobiles.

We work with the leading brands to find you a smartphone that’s hand picked to your needs and provides the Apps that drive productivity. We configure, programme and install the devices for an “out of the box” experience.

Our Tariff Management service ensures you are on the best value tariff from the outset and monitors performance throughout the contract.

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Fixed Line Business Solutions

Business Telephones

We offer a complete range of traditional and VOIP based Telephone Systems. Our experience and product range enables us to advise on the best possible solution for your business for now and the future.

Our Converged solutions such as Vodafone One Net offer complete integration of mobile and fixed line services for business of all sizes.

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Tablets – iPads and More

Applications for business

The Tablet is taking the PC market by storm and changing the face of portable computing. Instant access to business Applications and convenience are the keys to the success of these products.

We have Apps that provide paperless transactions and data collection services suitable for smartphone and Tablets PC’s

With products from Apple and Samsung in different sizes and formats we ensure you have the correct tools in the field.

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SmartWRX – New from Next Communications

Paperless solutions for mobile workforce

  • Suite of mobile technical solutions that saves your business time and money.
  • Your offsite workforce can receive job information, collect customer data and complete all ‘paperwork’ via smartphone and tablet.
  • Completed forms sent securely by mobile or WiFi connection.
  • Saves time and money, increasing efficiency and accountability.
  • SmartWRX collates the data collected by your mobile workforce and integrates it with your back office systems without delay giving improved customer service and faster cashflow.
  • Mobile Device Management provides remote control of tablets and smartphones to prevent unauthorised apps or inappropriate usage.

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